Wednesday, June 25

How to save a life......without getting your hands dirty

Canyon lake
While I prefer to just gaze at the lake and get lost in it's beauty, the rest of the crew prefers to disturb it by yanking the life out of it.
Jewel's first fish
A couple weeks ago Jewel caught her first fish (Joey actually hooked it and then passed the pole to Jewel and let her think she hooked it), and after she reeled it in there was no one around to get the fish off the hook. I tried to get Jake to help us, but he also inherited my inability to touch slimy things, so he wasn't much help. Immediately I start to panic because I don't want this poor little fish to die, then Joey reappears with this weird looking red thing.
going in
Then jams it down the poor things throat!
getting hook out
And out comes the hook and it's baby grasshopper lunch.
Back out
Gross. And awesome.

1 comment:

Heather said...

There may be hope for me! I hate touching fish too!

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