Thursday, June 12

And So Began The Rest Area Tour (Part Deuce)

We drove into Minnesota only two miles after nearly escaping Iowa without a Highway Patrol seeing the Bus's expired plates. When we left Colorado two months ago I completely forgot the Unskool plates were expired. When I tried to register them by mail last year my check was sent back saying they couldn't register them anymore since they knew we moved! (Curse small town living.) Not wanting to give up the Unskool plates I figured it was best to ignore the problem, and maybe someday it would miraculously work itself out. It hasn't, and I have an $89.00 ticket to prove it.

We spent the next couple nights in two different rest areas within the first thirty miles of Minnesota. We'd have gone to our location, but that whole Memorial Weekend thing and my inability to look at a calendar thing, has made us outcasts.
Hello..Is anybody out there?
We're alone and forced to run hidden trails behind all the Minnesota rest areas we happened along. Most of the trails looked like this:
MN rest area 1
And like this:
MN rest area 2
But every once in a while they'd spice it up a bit:
MN rest area 1
I wasn't having a hard time keeping up with walking everyday, that's for sure! I did these stairs quite a few times.

MN rest area 1 (1)
Jewel did this slide even more.

During breaks of playing in the water faucet, Jewel was posing and loving being an only child....
MN rest area 1 (16)
at least for the moment.


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