Monday, June 23

Colorado - Home, Sweet Home - For now

We've been back in Colorado now for exactly three weeks. We chose not to go back to Battlement Mesa with it's full hook ups, on site laundry, and Pepsi machine, in favor of the rural campground with the private lake.

This time I have a car, and a working refrigerator, and working Internet. We left the satellite dish in Texas at our storage unit, I mean parent's house. I now have a small Verizon USB modem that works ten times better than HughesNet ever did. The only downfall is only one person can be online at a time, but so far it hasn't been a big deal at all.

The lake doesn't require a fishing license and is catch and release only, so Jonas finally got to try out his new Rocket Fishing Rod he got from Grama for Christmas. It took an eleven year old to figure out how to work it, though, since it came with no instructions.
fishing 003
I gotta say, It's so much fun! No one else even cared to fish, and they do their usual huddle around each other all watching one pole.
fishing 005
Until I ask them to smile for me.
why I shoot candid
Why can't they just BNrml??

When I'm not taking pictures of them, I can be found here:
Official Fishing Observer's Seat

I have an extra one for anyone that wants to join me.


Heather said...

Set the other chair up just in case!! I will be there mentally. lol.

karrie said...

No kidding! Room for two more chairs at least. Looks and sounds absolutely lovely.

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