Wednesday, October 3

Gone, but not far

We moved again.

Gone is our beautiful lake. Gone are the days of children being forced to carry their own weight.
Canyon Lake Campground, CO 003

Gone with once a week sewer pump outs, or having to scrounge quarters to take a shower at the campground.

Gone with six mile bike rides to get a Pepsi.

Gone with late night laundrymats and grocery store runs.

Gone with the isolation.


I thought I could handle it, but there's only so much a girl can do in the middle of nowhere. As usual we couldn't get our Internet up and running, and after swimming in the lake and biking, there wasn't much else to pass the days besides TV. A lot of TV. I was to the point that I was wishing Big Brother was back to six days a week. I was on the verge of running away when the other RV park called and said they had a spot for us. I didn't care that Joey was working a twelve hour shift I loaded up everything I could and made him move us immediately. I hadn't checked out the park before hand but I knew it had full hookups and it was closer to Joey's work, and a grocery store. It turned out to be way better than that.

I now also have onsite laundry, paved roads (nice to keep the mud out) and a membership to the Community Activity Center. The whole development we're in is completely new, and resembles Country Club living. The Activity Center is a full on Health Club with a huge indoor swimming pool, weights, game room, Yoga, tennis, raquetball, basketball court and even an indoor running track. Plus the older ladies that work there are super nice..such a bonus.

It's mostly retired seniors but there are a TON, and I mean a ton, of workers out here, with their families! It's still shocking for me to see other families because when we started I swear it felt like we were the only ones. Everywhere I look I see tween boys, although ours haven't ventured out to meet any of them yet.


There's a Pepsi machine only yards away.


I hired a professional installer to set up our Internet dish today, only to find out the problem has been theirs all along! And even though I'm on right now, it's constantly losing signal. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate HughesNet? Yah, if you're considering them, come talk to me first.


Unknown said...

Sounds like a lovely spot! Free yoga, that's incredible!
Have fun!

zamozo said...

Hi! I missed you.

Madeline Rains said...

I'm glad you're back up! The yoga and pool sound great. I almost got Hughes Net when I felt like I just couldn't wait one more month for DSL to finally reach us out here. I had been waiting for years. But I got lucky and read some big complaints about them on line. I hope you can get out of your contract at some point.

Vicki said...

Thanks Chris. I miss reading your blog, too :(

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