Wednesday, October 31

What you do when you don't know what to do

Last Week: I started noticing signs coming from Joey that this job may be over soon.

Monday: Joey comes home at 8:30 AM. "Well...I'm home. I had to let another company go."
Weeee! My little brain immediately goes into overload and I've got a whole month vacation planned out for us in less than two minutes. I'm like a John at the Bunny Ranch, can hardly control my excitement. We're going to follow along the Colorado River and explore as much of the land as we can. First we'll stop at Arches National Park, then Canyonlands and Lake Powell. Then the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona along with a trip to the Grand Canyon. Next will be Sedona and Montezuma's Castle before landing in Mesa, AZ for a Thanksgiving Feast that will include almost every single member of Joey's family. We told the kids we're getting a generator so they won't have to miss their electronics, so now they can't wait to hit the road either. After trick or treating first, of course.

Tuesday: Joey's thinking of the new tires the bus needs, and the fact that we're leaving the truck here in storage. What if he decided he doesn't want to come back here, we should take the truck. But the truck isn't running great, and needs some work done. Joey says let's rent a car and we'll tent, and hotel it and stay with friends, and then come back to the bus next month. But that's what I have a home on wheels for, Dammit!! I also realize what's the point of going on this big trip if his truck needs work before he can even take it back to work. Truck repair, tires, tow bars, generators...oh, my. We need to focus on priorities.

So........we got me and the kids a car. Priorities. Now we're trying to figure out a short road trip, and I can't decide between Lake Powell or Yellowstone....

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Madeline said...

I was so excited for you as I read abou the BIG trip towards a big family Thanksgiving. But I guess, living on the road, you can always do it later. My son was talking on the phone to my sister about Yellowstone just now. We are planning a trip for the spring to visit her and she is right outside the park (in MT). We would drive there from GA. Scary far (for us).

Wherever you go, I can't wait to read about it.

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