Tuesday, October 23

Why Joey likes work

The Work Mountains
The snow hasn't gotten down to us yet, but we have begun the process of preparing for winter. We've heat taped and wrapped the water hose and sewer pipe, and next I'm going to sew a skirt for the bus. Doesn't that sound pretty? It'll be a grey vinyl skirt with snap on buttons, all the latest rage, yo.

In the meantime, when Joey and the guys don't get snowed out because of the weather and go sight seeing in Aspen....without me....he's hard at work, and really enjoying it. He thinks he's found his calling with the pipeline. He gets to work in the outdoors with elk and bears, and doesn't have to climb dangerous structures and walk across beams two hundred feet high. Now the most dangerous part of the job is the long drive up and down the mountain, which is usually wet and slippery.
View of the road from the top
The snow hardened the ground, making it less dangerous, but he still has to have his truck pulled around by the tractor most days because the ground is mostly clay grabbing hold of those tires and not wanting to let go, even with chains.
Convoy leading down the mountain
He explained the process to me, so here it is severly condensed.
The road clearers are there first to grade the roads, then the cranes lay the eight inch water pipe down. The laborers build a wooden pallet to set the pipe up on. The crane picks up the pipe then the fitters grind it, clean it and stick it together. Next Joey tacks the pipe together, then lays the root. Then he fills the weld, and caps it. Voila! The whole process takes about two hours, but only takes Joey about fifteen minutes to weld up. The rest of the time they're wandering around, talking, driving, sitting in trucks or boasting as to who as the most toys.
The pipeline

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Anonymous said...

this is what i thought CO was and was so dissapointed when we were in castle rock and it was city living. hope you are enjoying it all. can't wait to see you all soon. love ya, amy

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