Thursday, October 18

Colorado National Monument

Have I mentioned before how much I love Colorado? I didn't know I could enjoy one place so much, in so many ways. Mostly I just love looking at it. I can look out my window and see damn near every color. We couldn't stay here long enough to see and do everything I'd like, but I sure will try!

Last week Joey took the whole week off to have repair work done on his truck, so he got us a rental car for a couple of days, and it just so happened to be a convertible. Lately getting the kids excited to leave the bus has been trying, but once they saw the PT Cruiser they were the first ones out the door, personal style and all.
Portrait of Style
We drove to Powderhorn Ski Area to check it out, and see how far it will be to go skiing this winter. It's only about a thirty minute drive, so now we can't wait for some snow! Did I just say that?

Next we finally drove the Rim Rock Hwy that is the Colorado National Monument. I'd been wanting to do it since we were here in the Spring, but I'm so glad we waited and had the pleasure of seeing it in the convertible, we wouldn't have had the full breathtaking views otherwise.
Colorado national Monument 092
We stopped often to hike out to various viewing areas and to just play and have fun. This massive slab of rock was a fun spot to run up and down on, and to use broken pieces of sandstone to draw on. They looked like rocks but worked like chalk, gotta love nature.
Colorado national Monument 122
Joey's petroglyph
Look an ancient petroglyph!

The kids enjoyed it alot as well. They climbed on top of
Colorado national Monument 117
Colorado national Monument 118
and under, everything they could find.
Colorado national Monument 078
A great day was had by all.

The Monument is just a few mile detour off I-70 outside Fruita, that exits into Grand Junction, CO, making it a must see for RV travelers heading into the I-70 corridor. Happy travels!

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