Thursday, November 1

Road Trippin'

It doesn't look like we're going anywhere, anytime soon. The guys keep stopping by with job leads, and each one wants Joey to work with him. There are only a few places to work pipeline, and I doubt any others are as beautiful as where we are right now, so work is luring him back in, but he swears he needs a new truck first. We saw one at the dealer that he went ga-ga for so yesterday we went back down to Grand Junction to test drive it and see if we can work a trade. Luckily it was a gorgeous day and I brought my camera along for the ride.

While this may not be a great picture, it's our view while pumping gas.
Colorado in the Fall
I almost didn't mind spending $97.00 to fill up my gas tank.

Te sun was working against me in the photo, but in person this is a spectacular view of the Colorado River. Up the hill on the left is where our RV park is, we have to cross the river in order to leave our little "haven".
Colorado River in the Fall

The Interstate is lined with views like this that follow the river downstream.
Colorado River in the Fall

It seems each time we head out, the trees get more golden, the brush gets redder, the water is a different shade of red or green, and the canyon walls have new cracks.
Colorado River in the Fall
I cannot get enough.


Heather said...

Your pics really put mine to shame!!! So gorgeous!!!

zamozo said...

Beautiful! Grand Junction is where Rick and his brother started their eastward bike ride across colorado this past July! I'm going to show him your pics!

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