Saturday, November 17

Life with unschoolers

I've been trying to get my groove back. That's a hard thing to do, considering our lifestyle. There's no "normal" or "usual" daily routine. The only time I get any sense of some sort of routine is when Joey is working. When he's home any ideas I had to do outside of the bus are completely shot, and life becomes even more spontaneous, or more reclusive. Take your pick. For the past two weeks Joey's been working and I've been trying to be more productive. The first week back is always a recooping period for me, where I catch up with Tivo, blogs, and hang out in the RV park office with Jeannie and Katrina, while doing the never ending laundry. Since the kids and I have a car now we've been going to the Activity Center, but most of my driving has been the multiple trips to Glenwood Springs in an attempt to finish the bus remodel.

Even the kids are having a hard time finding their groove. Normally when I ask them "What do you want to do today?" they respond with swimming or raquetball, but the last time I asked, they said, "Go shopping!"

Yep, they're mine.

We started giving the boys an allowance back in May. The deal was one dollar for every year they've been alive. That was nine for Jake and seven for Jonas. Since working the pipeline now, Joey doubled his pay, and doubled their allowance. Now Jake gets twenty dollars, and Jonas gets sixteen dollars....every week! That's a lot of video games, but the sweet thing is: they buy their little sister games for her DS, too.

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tribalmama said...

I *LOVE* that you shared the wealth! So beautiful.
Can't wait to see pics of the remodel.

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