Saturday, November 24

Four Peaks Wilderness Area

Before we left for Arizona Jim and Rosie invited us to go camping with them after Thanksgiving up on the Mogollon Rim. JimRo had been planning it for weeks, so when we woke up on Friday morning to twenty degree temps up in the mountains, it was a huge disappointment for them when they realized it would just be too cold for everyone to enjoy themselves, and sadly had to cancel after packing up their pop up and after all the hard work Rosie did preparing for the weekend. I hid my excitement of the cancelation well.

Four Peaks
Eventually Jim suggested going out to the Four Peaks Wilderness Area for the day, so they and their dogs could get out of the city and run wild.

We followed them for miles, and miles, and miles down dirt roads, passing groups of weekenders out for four wheel fun.
Following JimRo to Four Peaks Wilderness Area

Jim found us a great spot off the road, in a wash, along a rock canyon wall. We immediatley head up the wash for a short hike and found a fun spot to hang out for a while while letting the kids explore to their hearts content.
Our wash for the day
We also marveled at the saguaro growing right out of the rock.
Saguaro Cactus growing out of the rocks

Eventually Ro and I got hungry so we walked back to the trucks and hauled the heavy cooler back to the guys, just to have them say they were heading back to the trucks to start a fire and find shade beside the canyon wall. Joey carried it back on his shoulder as if it only weighed five pounds. Pfff.

Only Jewel and Tristan stayed with us.
Tristan & Jewel
But no matter how much Jewel likes Tristan, she didn't like him stealing her spotlight.
Four Peaks (19)

The boys came around when they got hungry and thirsty, or when they wanted to show off their climbing and jumping skills.
Four Peaks (32)
They even made up their own Kid Nation, with cabins and stores and a town counsel, all out of the natural landscapes the huge boulders provided. It was pretty cool, and I'm sure Jake was the President.

We stayed way into the night, simply enjoying eachother's company.....and wishing we would have brought our camping gear.

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