Tuesday, November 20

San Juan Skyway, Part I

For our trip to Arizona we decided to go against Microsoft's quickest route and opted for our own route, going through Durango and the Four Corners area. Would you like to come along?
San Juan Skyway
We just went through Grand Mesa, again finding ourselves on some typical flat ranching land, but I can hear the San Juan Mountains calling our name already. First I have to say, Let's be thankful Joey's doing the driving.
San Juan Skyway *Watch the Road*
Not that I don't watch the road, just sometimes it's not my road I'm watching.
San Juan Skyway

The town of Ouray, which is the Gateway to the San Juan's, also claims to be "The Switzerland of America". I'm not exactly seeing Switzerland yet, but I'm lovin' the mustard river. This is definitely a first.
San Juan Skyway
We have to stop.
I have to get a closer look.
Creek on San Juan Skyway
It's not so yellow on the bank, but check it out under the melting snow.
Snow melting into yellow creek on San Juan Skyway

Maybe these are the cause of the yellow river?
Red Mountain on San Juan Skyway

Ahhh, it's an old iron mine, that makes sense. Now it's under a massive water restoration process, beautiful, no?
San Juan Skyway
A closer look reveals old mining buildings.
Old mine on San Juan Skyway

Say good-bye to this part of the San Juan Skyway Loop.
San Juan Skyway

We'll be revisiting the other side of the loop on the way home, but for now it's time to call it a night and get a room. We even managed to top off a beautiful day with a two room suite in Cortez for only $59. Two rooms! (Those living in an RV with kids will understand my excitement.)

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