Wednesday, November 21

Four Corners

After a yummy continental breakfast we were back on the road.
Four Corners (26)

Within minutes we were already in different terrain. While this land is absolutely stunning, it's almost impossible to enjoy physically. It's on the Rez, Navajo Indian Reservation to be exact. The highways are lined with fences in order to keep us out, and their land pristine. It's working.
Four Corners (21)
I just wish I could get a good picture without fence posts.
Four Corners

We have to stop at the Four Corners Monument, even though the last time we were there we were disappointed. We must have forgot. This is the monument, people.
Four Corners National Monument

This is me and my spawn on the monument as taken by two boyfriends after I took their picture.
Four Corners (1)

Their picture included the actual monument.

The best part is the Indian Fry Bread, topped with honey. That's why we really stopped. Sightseeing over, time to get to Mesa. Get outta the way, sheep.
Four Corners (11)

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