Sunday, November 25

Mogollon Rim Revisited

Mogollon Rim again
We took the Payson route home instead of the Salt River Canyon which is always my favorite, but after driving up to the Mogollon Rim I realized I'd forgotten how pretty is up here. Joey and I used to come up here a lot before leaving Arizona to live on the road. We stopped at the Woods Canyon Lake turnoff to step on the rim and take in the huge views. It's easy to forget these mountains exist when you're so used to relating desert to Arizona. Our dates before we were married consisted of day trips hiking around the lake, tent camping in the woods, catching crawdads in Chevlen Crossing, cooking them in beer, and hiking down Clear Creek Canyon, having to carry our lazy fifty pound bulldog back up. We continued going after we were married and had Jake. I remember Jake swinging in his infant swing, covered with mosquito netting, with a bee inside. Our nephew even totaled our forerunner up here on a family camping trip. Dang, I can't believe I forgot how much we used to come up here. Now I feel bad we didn't get to camp with JimRo, and I didn't have the heart to tell them the weather was beautiful up here.

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