Sunday, September 16

Western Colorado

canyonlake RV panorama

It took us a couple days to get to our new site, taking our time maneuvering the mounatin roads. The power steering had gone out in the bus again, making it harder to steer, but after Joey got used to it, he actually prefers it now. Go figure. We dry camped right off the highway, waking up to breathtaking views of the valley. That's the only good thing about driving in the dark, waking up to nice surprises, normally I pout if we have to drive at night.

We couldn't get into the RV park the Company had reserved spots at, and had to keep driving farther west. At first appearances it wasn't a very nice place, it's very rustic with a completely natural setting. The owners seem a little *off* too, but after settling in and going for a bike ride, we've fallen in lurve. We're on a waiting list for the other RV park, but I think we'll stay here instead.
We have our own private lake, and a view of the mountains that Joey will be working on everyday. They're laying six miles of pipe up a thirty five hundred foot elevation. That's some steep, rough driving, but not only is the gas paid, so is the drive time. We're talking about egtting me another car since I totalled the Disco a few months ago, but I'm still iffy on that one. I don't want the extra expense, and another thing to tow all over the place, but it will be nice having the freedom to come and go during the day. We'll see.

If you look closely you can see the windshiled of the bus, and how rural the campground is.
Colorado 045


Heather said...

What wonderful luck!! Nice spot!!

Anonymous said...

Testing from cell phone

Anonymous said...

i am commenting on the last few blogs instead of on men get so weird about tests and we both know we have smart men who can do it, it is just a matter of provening it to themselves. tell joey i am proud of him and glad you all are settled in CO. did you contact the places using your pics? that is creepy but when you expose yourself on the web you never know who is reading. sorry i have been behind on reading blogs. i don't get an update that you have blogged and when i check nothing until there are like 5. oh well good reading late at night. miss you all and hugs and kisses to you.


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