Monday, September 10

Google anyone?

Every once in a while I like to Google my name, just to see what's going on in the great WWW. Months back I discovered my pictures being used in foreign travel agency sites, and I never really knew quite how I felt about it. I was flattered, but then felt violated. They did give me credit for the photos, but then I realized there were probably people using my pictures without referencing back to me, or worse yet downloading them on their hard drive. Yuck. I've since been more selective with pictures of the kids and put a creative commons license on my photos, whatever that means.

Yesterday while Googling *FuhKaui* I found this interesting tidbit.

At UnschoolingMama I discovered an old post that she'd written after last years Unschooling Conference where we participated in a Familes On The Road funshop. She writes:
The last two hour block on Friday had a whole bunch of things that I wanted to check out. I started out with a funshop called Families on the Road and I ended up dropping all of the other stuff and just staying for the full two hours there. There were four families there who travel either extensively or fulltime. And here is where I'll pause and make an announcement. Being at this conference has made me think a lot about doing things and not just talking about them all the time. We've been talking about this for ages, but only recently have we sat down and said to ourselves, you know at some point we actually have to just say, this is what we're going to do, and then set out to do it. Some people in real life already know that this is the plan, but I've never done more than just hint at it on this blog. So here it is. We plan on selling the house and using the money from that sale to buy an RV. We will live in the RV, traveling the country, for however long we decide to do so once we find out how much we like it. We will be on the lookout for a place to call home when we're all done, but we plan on doing a lot of traveling before that point. There. Blogging makes it really, truly official. Listening to these families was so very inspiring. At the end of the talk, I worked up my courage and came out of my own little shell enough that I asked the dad of the FuhKaui family if we could go and see their bus, which I knew about because I read their blog. We talked for a little bit and decided that we could take a look at it the next day. To be continued!

Saturday~ The Families on the Road were having their second funshop so we decided to go in at the end of it and see if we could go and see the FuhKaui family's bus then. They were cool with it, so we went out and took a look. Their bus is a converted school bus, painted green and... silver, I think. It is so totally cool. I loved it. Talking to the mom and dad of that family, Vicki and Joe, got me so fired up about doing this ourselves. Saren chatted up their kids for a little while. Pegge, the mom from another of the families, offered to show us their rig. They had a class C, which was smaller, but cozy. Talking to both of these families was so great. It just got me to thinking that we can really do this thing. If we really want it, we can find a way to make it work. I'm so glad I got to meet their families and take a look at their vehicles and ask them questions. This was one of the most inspiring parts of the conference trip for me

Which led me to her new blog Traveling Spishco. Their new travel blog! They've done it, they've gotten the RV and as soon as the house sells they're hitting the road! The funny thing is that their thinking is just like ours was when we first started, ten years ago. Travel for a while while looking for a new place to settle down and raise the family. My wish for them is that it lasts far more than a year......


Madeline said...

We went to the L&L conference and met a family who are living part of the year in their RV so we got to get in it and explore. Wow. I'd be so afraid to drive anything that large. But your adventures, your freedom...

I wish you guys could have been in NC. Maybe next year? The frog picture below is amazing!

Stephanie said...

Hi Vicki! I'm so glad you found my blogs! I keep up with your blog still but I'm not so good with the commenting. It's good to come here and see my own words staring back at me. We're on the verge here and so many doubts are cropping up. What if the house never sells? What if we're all miserable doing this long term? What if the motorhome is just too small? What if we break down EVERY DAY??? Deep breaths. Deep breaths.

Katherine said...

I loved this, I too went out on Google and searched. I found out that I was on the Dean's List for college, didn't even now that at the time. Also, that I died in like 1600's or something. That was funny!

Stephanie say your comment, very cute, we were all once like that! I love breaking down now. Gives me a chance to see fun thing we wouldn't have otherwise, because it wasn't on the Itinerary! Well not funny at the time, but later you will laugh, and like me sometimes when it happens. And then you frustrate your spouse who can't figure out what is sooo funny. Then you are laughing! Good Luck!

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