Thursday, September 6

Expect the Unexpected

We left park hopping because it was time to get back to work. Joey called ol' faithful Judy and she simply asked, "Where do you want to go?" It sure makes it nice to hear that. Since we were near Omaha we took the closest, about eighty miles to the Southwest. We pulled into a great campground, more like an old mini resort, and were hoping to be able to stay there but with Labor Day coming up we had to be out by Friday, so we only got two nights. Here the kids played non stop with the toads. If the toads weren't in the bushes, they were in the pool. If they weren't in the pool, they were my kids too frightened to move, pets.
Pets that look like their owners
This is also where they caught the garder snake, who would lay motionless while they were holding him but as soon as they released him back to the tree he got all hissy on 'em.

On the Friday we were to leave I pulled the bus out of our campsite all by myself while Joey was working. I had hoped they'd let me stay parked until he got home at four but they weren't very cooperative. So I parked in front of their pool under the only shade tree on the property and we used their pool. The kids also played their first rounds of mini golf. They absolutely loved that.

When Joey got back we went to Geneva, NE under a friend's suggestion. Now this RV park will only let us stay the weekend and we have to leave on Tuesday! All this wouldn't be so bad if Joey' weren't dying to unload the truck. We could go back to the resort one but they're draining the pool tuesday so they're no longer worth it.

THEN we get a call for a pipeline job back in Colorado and the money is too good to pass up. He still needs about a grand worth of tools, not to mention enough gas to get two hogs all the way there, when we're not prepared for it, but we can't pass it up, we'll do whatever it takes.

So, we left Nebraska on tuesday and am now sitting in the SW corner of Wyoming where Joey has to take three different weld tests. As long as he passes, we're heading back into Glenwood Canyon. I'm very excited, there was still so much left I wanted to see and do. For today, I'm just happy to have Internet.

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tribalmama said...

And you passed through RC and didn't stop?!?

Kidding! I know how it goes. Safe journey to you!

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