Tuesday, September 11

My Rock

True feelings?
For the past decade to support our life on the road, Joey's been doing construction, a little millwright work, turbine work, and a lot of pipe fitting and welding. It wasn't until last winter that he bought his first welder, and then this Spring he was on his first rig welding job. He traded that welder for a big Lincoln pipe liner welder, because that's what the big boys use, not necessarily to go on a pipeline, but to have the ability to. Then last week when his friend called about this pipeline job in the Rocky Mountains, it seemed a little surreal. He wasn't fully prepared, and after getting out here to the testing site he realized how unprepared he was. He pushed the test back over the weekend so he could get all the necessary toys.

While taking his welding tests the welder started acting up during the last test. He was sure he got some screwed up welds, but the X-Ray tests all came back excellent! He passed! Even though I knew he would, it's always such a stressful time for him. Tests are never fun, and especially for him. And especially considering he's a self learned welder. No formal training, no certificates......just a desire. Not a desire to weld or work, but a desire to find a way to support our lifestyle with as little work as possible. He's making it happen, bigger and better, and I couldn't be more proud of him.


Katherine said...

Congratulations Joey, welcome too the world of the "big boys", us welders...


Heather said...

Good for Joey!! He rocks!! :) Thanks for sharing your news.

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