Saturday, January 10

Not Worthy

I feel like Wayne and Garth, and like I should be bowing down to all of you chanting, I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy. Everyone is so nice, complimenting and even offering up a hand to help, and as much as you all bring tears to my eyes and make me want to reach through the screen and hug you over and over, I just don't quite know how to properly thank you. In person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and my face is a dead give away for how grateful I am, but a writer...I am not. Or a vocalist for that matter. That's the main reason I've been hiding away from blogging. I don't feel right without at least giving a proper thank you first.

From the deepest recesses of my being, I want to give each and every one of you a big THANK YOU! Thank you for your warm thoughts, your uplifting comments, your cyber hugs, your well wishes, your fondness of my photos, your concern and.....your offers of help.

My Families on the Road family gathered money so our kids could have a good Christmas. With their help our kids had a GREAT Christmas! We spent every dollar on them, by the way.


I want to let everyone know that Joey is doing good, and is actually WALKING again! Something a month ago he seriously doubted would ever happen again. He's anxiously awaiting removal of the five screws in his leg, which hopefully will be done in the next month or two. He's going to physical therapy for his arm three times a week, and has already doubled his strength and made considerable improvement on mobility.

We (Joey, Jewel and I) made a quick trip up to Colorado last month to retrieve his welding truck with the thought of him being able to custom build bike racks, motorcycle racks and/or trailers, but instead he's emptied his truck bed of welder and tools, with plans to take off the bed and build himself a flat bed. That way he won't have to be getting up in his truck anymore and worry about hurting himself jumping out of it. If someone wanted him to build something I'm sure he could, he just hasn't per sued it yet.

He's anxious to get back to work, yet he doesn't want to force it. He goes back to the doctor in nine days and hopefully we'll have a better idea of what the very near future has in store for us. We're enjoying Texas on it's warm days, and not looking forward to going back to the bus that is currently covered in a couple feet of snow. I predict he still has at least two more months of healing before they'll release him, so it'll be interesting to see what the doc says.


Completely unrelated, but funny at the time:

Jewel: "Did you know you have a tattoo on your neck?"
Just a couple a dudes..


Stacie said...

i am really glad to hear joey is getting better! i think of you often and i keep checking your blog to see how things are. i bet it's driving him crazy not to work...he seems like such a hard worker. i'm glad he isn't going to push himself too hard.

i'll keep checking in. and it's true, your pics are amazing. i like living vicariously through your travels.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

You are worthy! YOU are worthy. Can't wait to see what is in store you all as well. I know it will all work out. Hard to be patient, but sounds like you all are doing the right thing. PT is a pain, but it does help.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you posting again my friend. I know I am thankful for your blog. Our families dream is to rv but we haven't been able to yet. So I travel along with your family and enjoy the journey with your family. Thankyou for sharing it.

Glad to hear Joey is walking ,he is one tough person. Great idea with his truck. I am sure he is anxious to start working again.

Continue prayers for you and your family. I hope the kids are doing great also.


Hilary said...

(((Vicki))) People want good things for you because you want good things for other people. You're an extremely positive person (even in the face of friends who frequently say the opposite of what they mean and have both feet firmly rooted in their mouths lol).

Good luck with everything.

organic tribe said...

Walking is soooo good! We wish you guys could come to Mexico with us! Hopefully the rest of Joey's healing is quick and pain free!

Love & Peace!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

Hey Lovely Mama! I have given you the tree of happiness award. If you want to play along, the rules are on my blog. I was awarded last night and I am passing it onto to 6 happy others. I hope all is well there. Know you are loved by many, including me.

Mary Ann said...

We'll miss you at the Western FOTR Rally next month!!!

Recuperation takes longer than they tell you at first. It's a good thing the doctors/physical therapists kept extending the dates since I would have lost my mind had someone told me it would be 6 surgeries and three years...

Be brave Joey! My husband says these months are harder than first being injured. You want to have your normal life back and everything is still so hard.

Hugs to the family -- you guys are the reason people with families get better so much faster!!!

Lots of love your way!

Mary Ann & Mel

Jessica said...

Hey how'd that get there!?!

I'm so glad to hear that Joey is healing. It's a long process. I hope he heals quickly and rests as much as he needs to for it to mend well.

I was thinking of you this Christmas when we drove to Colorado Springs. We drove past Rifle Falls and I remembered all the great pictures you posted about that place.

I wish we could have got together when we were in Moab. That would have been so much fun! Now you're way down in TX!!! Maybe another time...


Traveling Inferno, USA said...
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Traveling Inferno, USA said...

YAH for Joey, what progress... the welding bed idea is awesome. David loves his because of that reason. The impact on jumping in and out is much less with a flat bed.

And you deserve all the love and warmth... from all of us, all the time!

Love Much, Katherine

9:03 AM

craftymama said...

hey Vicki! you won the giveaway on my blog- send me your address and i'll send it to you- congrats! I hope Joey is doing better- Sarah

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