Tuesday, February 3

Green Acres

First thing anyone tells you when they hear you're going to Fort Worth is, You gotta go to the Stockyards. My family has lived here three years now, and this is our third, maybe fourth visit, with each visit lasting from one week up to four months. We have yet to see the Stockyards. Some travelers we are. We can't help it though, my folks have this great pad that we really find no reason to leave it.
Green Acres

When my parent's were looking for a place here in Texas they knew they wanted to get something big enough for us to park our bus at, so they spent months trying to find the right place. Most places here barely have room to park on the street, so finding this place was like finding a needle in a haystack. They're even on a hill that overlooks Fort Worth, when anyone will tell you there are NO hills in DFW. Their ultimate plan though when they retired was to get a place near my brother and then travel, travel, travel. They also have not left their Green Acres, as they've lovingly named it. Instead my Dad has finally gotten his own John Deere tractor that he's always dreamed of, and have immersed themselves completely into transforming their place into a little something for everyone. They want us to feel completely at home here, and they've done almost too good a job of it.
Build it and they will come

Besides the Organic Tribe visiting, we've also had Cliff and Heather from Iowa come over. It was good to see friends from Iowa again, and Joey really enjoyed talking to Cliff about his tour in Iraq.
The Brown's

The weather here is so sporadic, you never know what you're going to get from one day to the next. We've definitely learned to take advantage of the good days though!
Whether it be a redneck hayride for the kids
Redneck Hayride
Listening to my nephew jam on the guitar, jump on the trampoline or pogo stick, swim in the jacuzzi, or just watch the kids ride their various wheels

Jonas making a fast getaway

or just surf the net or watch TV, there's never a boring day.
It's always fun to watch the chickens watching us, too.
Peeping Tom's
The rooster doesn't always join the hen, but she can be found here almost the ENTIRE day.
peeping Tom's
He's usually wherever we are in the yard. It's funny to go through my pictures and find him in so many of them. Jewel and her cousin in the jacuzzi, there's Brownie. Joey working on his truck, there's Brownie again.

One day we had uninvited visitor's, though.
horses on the loose
A herd of mini horses! They were rampaging the neighborhood and stayed to graze in the neighbor's backyard for a while.

Even the bad, as in bad I mean fricken COLD, days, aren't so bad here. We stay inside sipping cocoa by the fire, waiting for the sun to pop back out.

Special occasions we get dressed and go a couple miles to my brother's house where he's got the ultimate indoor entertainment pad. We had a Korean food night one night where my sister in law out did herself. It was my idea, but somehow she did all the work. We also had Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve there, as well as the Superbowl Party. I've also learned one thing by all these gatherings: I think I know why I like living in an RV so much....I'm never expected to entertain. I'm just there for the party!

Another bonus about Green Acres, the sunsets:
North Texas sunset

And since I never see a sunrise, my Mom grabbed my camera to show me what one looks like here.
The Fog

So...besides physical therapy three days a week still, my constant texting with Angela and whining about my excessive weight gain, this is what we've been up to. I love my life.


lisa said...


So glad you're doing well and everyone is having a good time. DFW is a pretty good place to winter, isn't it!

Heather's Moving Castle said...

I'm so happy to see you all are still doing your thing! We loved seeing your parent's green acres first hand, and seeing you all was awesome too! I think you are beautiful despite whatever you may feel. And the chickens are pretty amazing as well. My favorite was when we made the gingerbread house with Jewell.

Heather ;0)

Traveling Inferno, USA said...

The pictures are beautiful... send some warmth this way whenever you get the chance.

Love Much, Katherine

Sheri said...

I love visiting your blog. You have been given the Lemonade Award!

Hilary said...

It's nice to hear you're enjoying your time in Texas. I was wondering how you all would feel about sitting still. It looks like a blast.

Cindy said...

Green Acres sure is a beautiful place to be. I am glad you posted again sharing your journey with us all.

Love the pictures, thanks for sharing them

dandeliongirl said...

I want some peeping tom chickens too! 'Your' place looks like so much fun, we wanna come over!

craftymama said...

it's great to see you are blogging again!

(somehow i missed it- my bloglines reader didn't show any updates and still doesn't. hmm...)

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