Saturday, February 28

We’re Leeeaving…On A Jet Plane……

Don’t know when we’ll be back again.

(Seriously, I don’t know when we’ll be back).

After the accident we decided it’d be better, more comfortable, easier, and plain more fun to come down to Texas and stay with my parents while he recuperates. We made the decision to leave the bus parked in our RV spot not just because I couldn’t drive it but primarily because we didn’t want to lose our spot. They were extremely hard to come by, and we knew we were coming back in a couple months, so it was a good, practical decision. Up until three days ago that was still the plan.

Three days ago I got a call from the RV park saying someone stole our electrical adaptor that connects our bus to electricity, meaning our fridge/freezer is no longer working, and then just for icing on the cake….they’re shutting down the campground and we have fourteen days to get the bus moved. Only when I did the math ,we actually have only eight days! We threw around a handful of options, but by the next morning we had decided on one. Joey and I are now waiting to board a flight to Grand Junction and rescue the bus and truck (Joey’s old Ford) and bring everything down here. Turns out since we’ve been gone the drilling rigs have stacked up and left, the pipeline has stopped and basically it’s becoming a ghost town. It’s crazy to think just a few months ago it was booming, and now it’s dead.

So our plans have changed once again, we’ll stay in Texas until he’s officially released but we will be living in the bus. Joey now can take his time finishing up the flatbed build on his truck, the Dodge, and we can do all those little things we’ve been wanting to do to the bus that we can never do because it’s kinda hard to do when living in a campground things.

They’re boarding…gotta go!


Lisa said...

Man oh man. Don't you love it when things change on you in the blink of an eye?

Have a safe drive back to Texas, and keep me posted!

Hilary said...

Have a nice flight, and hope you don't find anything else missing/broken on the bus.

jody said...

Oh wow. You guys be safe coming out of the mountians. I know you ahve driven this route before, but dang, it is slippery this time of year.

Vicki said...

We're not going over the mountains, we're going south first through Moab :) W@oo hoo! Party! We are childless!! :)

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