Wednesday, February 11

what did we leave the house for again?

My last post made it sound like we actually never leave the house, but the truth is we haven't become complete hermits. Occasionally Joey finds something on Craigslist that he has to have for his truck, mostly toolboxes, so we venture out to pick those items up, so when on one such trip we heard over the radio that Kat Von D was going to be in downtown Dallas for a book signing, no one had to twist our arms! We arrived at the book signing only twenty minutes after it started and they were already almost out of books and wristbands that were required to see her. There were about a thousand people there! Luckily there wasn't a line we had to stand in the whole three hours, that's what the wristbands were for. There were six colors, with only one getting in line at a time, and we were the last color group. We read some books, bought the kids a Reptile & Snake field guide and a Star Wars comic book, then once we realized we still had a long wait we went across the street for some mexican food. Not long after we came back they called our color and we were finally in line to see Kat Von D!

We ended up getting in line right behind the most interesting sisters, which turned out to be the highlight of the night. Heather recently became an unschooler herself in order to pursue her dreams, she realized school wasn't helping her to get there. I immediatley congratulated her on that decision and I thought her mouth was gonna drop. She's not used to other people, especially adults, encouraging her to not go to school. The older sister, Johnny Appleseed, is in the process of opening up a vegan/raw foods cafe in Dallas, called Bliss Cafe.
In line for Kat Von D
The four of us talked non stop about unschooling, living on the road, following your dreams, surrounding yourself with positive people and discarding the naysayers, that before we knew it we were already at Kat's table.
Kat Von D book signing
Since we only bought one book, only one of us could go to the table, so we decided I would stand back and take pictures. Oh, she also wasn't posing for pictures. She was very nice though! Joey told her the book was for our daughter who loves sharpie tattooing anyone that will let her. She asked where she was and then signed her book with lots of XOXO's.

Sharpie Tattoos
This was my leg for about a month. If I could take the pain I'd probably have them all permanently tattooed on. For christmas she got a kids tattoo gun, but in the end, the sharpies are the way to go.

This night was a perfect example proving that it's not about the destination, it's all about the journey. Veer off the path and you might just find something better. Hope you're enjoying your ride as much as we are ours!


Heather said...

Hey Vicki! This is Heather from Borders. You guys kick so much ass. I love this entry. =) The pictures you take are really awesome. There are some more meetups happen. Hit me up through email and I will let you know.


Cindy said...

Cool tattoos your daughter did. Sounds like you had an exciting day.

I love reading about your adventures. I hope Joey is healing well after his accident

Lisa said...

At least with sharpies you can change your mind, right? :)

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