Sunday, March 1

Frontier Airlines

Never heard of them before, but now I’m a fan. I’m also a fan of flying on a Saturday. We got to DFW early and walked straight up to the ticket counter. I asked about getting bumped up to First Class, since that’s how I like to think I roll, and she said all their seats are First Class. Then we noticed she seated us in the first row, so clearly she was teasing us. I was envisioning smoked salmon and champagne once we got on the plane.

We then walked straight up to the security checkpoint, which didn’t leave us any time to read the fifty two rules, so of course we’re up there hurrying to take off our shoes, remove laptop, and hunt down any metal we have on us. Joey also had to undo his two foot high combat boots. We made it through without having to have a body cavity search and then our Gate was the very first one after the checkpoint. Now we allowed plenty of time in case of lines, traffic, and far away gates, but everything was falling in line perfectly to give us a two hour wait to board.

They called for families with children and disabilities, and rows one and two, to board first. We decided against boarding first so we didn’t have to sit there and watch the entire plane load while trying to squeeze together to stay out of everyone’s way. When we finally get on the AirBus we learned the ticket agent wasn’t joking, there was no First Class, just First Row, and every seat had their own TV screens which you could pay $6 to use. We didn’t. What this flight did have was an all male flight crew, that flirted with my husband the whole way! The bald one asked Joey if I was his wife, and congratulated him on a job well done and then asked if I had a sister.( We almost told him I had a brother. :0 ) They were fun, and really made the flight enjoyable.

We had what I thought was a long layover in Denver but it ended up barely being enough time to get to the clear opposite end of the terminal to catch our little puddle jumper to take us over the Rockies to Grand Junction.m & joey

This flight was only about forty five minutes and it seems we were practically hugging the mountains. It was pretty cool. We were trying to make out all the ski resorts and mountains, and I was holding on to the barf bag.

Joey’s welder buddy that was supposed to pick us up was in a four wheeler accident earlier in the day and broke his arm so we had to get a shuttle to take us the forty five miles to our campground. Then we were HOME!

Words cannot describe how good it felt to be home, and then sleeping in our own bed. I slept so good I was up at SEVEN in the morning. Last night I prepped the inside for travel so I could have today to visit with my friend Lisa, while Joey takes care of all the outside stuff, including un-attaching our broken awning, loading BBQ grills, toy box & shoe box, checking oils and fluids on the bus and truck, and now it seems, charging up the batteries.

If all goes well we’ll be leaving today, taking the southern route through Moab, UT. It adds a couple hundred miles but it’s less stressful than the Rockies in a thirty four year old bus. Can’t wait to get back on the road again. (Yes, I will be singing it).


Lisa said...

Glad you made it there safely. Have a nice and quiet trip home!!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great airline. Glad you made it safely to the bus.

Have a Safe Trip back to Texas

Heather's Moving Castle said...

That sounds exciting! ;o)

Hope all goes well on the way back.

Madeline said...

Have a great date (if in different vehicles) back and take it slow. Hope you have lots of good music.

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