Wednesday, July 28

I'm That Mom

I'm that mom that let's her kids watch TV and play video games to their heart's content. I also do not have parental controls over the Internets. They've all been huge learning resources in our home, as much as they've been entertainment. I believe in broadening their horizons, not limiting them.

I'm also the mom that is not the least bit threatened to know that, as a homeschooling mom, I didn't teach them a thing. They learned it all for themselves.

I'm also the mom of very long haired boys. I DO believe it is up to them, and they DO have a say-so. I care how they look, but I care more about how they feel.

I'm the mom of kids that like to use cuss words. I'm happy that my kids feel safe to be themselves and express themselves however they want, and equally happy that they are choosey in who they allow to hear those words.

I'm also a short order cook. I show them how to make most of their favorite things, and put these things within their reach, but I also realize it always tastes better when Mom makes it. So, yeah....I'm THAT mom.

I'm also the mom that sat and listened and talked with a nine year old girl at the pool the other day, and within five minutes she asked me, "Can you be my mom?"

I remember many times as a kid saying, when I'm a Mom I'll never "X", or I'll do "Y". Of course then I would just hear, "What until you're a Mom! Then you'll see!"

I'm happy to say it is possible to be.... THAT mom and still have great kids.

** This post was inspired by Ronnie's spontaneous blog carnival idea inspired by Flo's post.

*** Leave it to unschoolers to start an impromptu blog Carnival

**** Cause you can't plan shizz this good

***** I'm also that mom that is last to join the party


ManleyZoo said...

I SOOOOO agree with everything you wrote in this blog. I am THAT mom too!!!


Nancy said...

Im glad you are one of THOSE moms :)

Snavleys said...

I'm loving these posts. What a great tribe we are a part of:). And I love your boys long hair:)

Ronnie said...

A terrific contribution to the carnival!

And about what you said on my blog about being tardy - This isn't school, ya know! :-)

Vicki said...

It made it easier to be that mom from knowing youse moms :-)

Vicki said...

Ugh! least our kids won't have those old beliefs!

Family of Movers said...

I am that way almost. You sound free, and freedom is what we all want right? i just am not a fan of swearing maybe it's been too built into me to not do it but for me I prefer to avoid anger and swearing is what I do when I am angry. I don't talk cuss. But I love your freedom and you are a great mom!

FairyLover said...

I love this. I think I'm that mom too. My beautiful loving long haired homeschooled boy can cuss like a sailor and loves life. I love being his mom.

Show Us The World said...

I love it that you are that mom!

Beach Mom said...

So glad to know I'm not alone! Especially as all the little friends head back to school and we happily do not! Mahalo!

craftymama said...

love it- wish i had the confidence to be that mom!

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