Wednesday, July 7

Pray 4 Something

  This is by far our favorite beach, and even though we call the beach barking sands, we don’t actually know the official name for this particular spot, this rocky spot that houses those bathtubs the kids love to play in.week 3 104

One day we were out here when the water was not this calm and after testing out the pools for a bit decided they were just too big of a risk to enjoy. At he same time there was a young couple from Japan walking on the beach who just happened to see Joey coming out of one of the tubs. They went in them right after we got out, while the water was calm, so had no idea they’d soon get a swell washing over them. It wasn’t a pretty sight. He got pushed into her, pinning her to the side of the pool, and then the water was so strong it drug them right out of the pool, belly side down over the lava rocks, dragging him on top of her. I felt bad for her little skinny self, but hope they learned to watch the waves for a while first.

droid 072

In the above photo I’m standing on the rocks, above the cave, that’s in the below photo.

Droid Daily 086 The cave that Joey noticed tunneled below the rock and said that one day when the water wasn’t so rough he was going to see how far he could get in that tunnel.

Jewel beat him to it.

Droid Daily 088

With the help of some little local boys, which she was so shy to talk to, they showed her the way.droid 075

We also carefully climbed that big rock in the center…….just to take in the views.

Droid Daily 090 Droid Daily 089 The local teenagers like to jump from this rock, something that we see more and more of everywhere now that the huge winter swells are gone.

week 3 106

And now we officially know the name of this great little spot. I had heard there was a place the locals called Pray 4 Sex but never knew where it was, and now thanks to some local vagrants not only have they revealed the location for us but they’ve solved my biggest dilemma for me (as to what to call this spot) ……………………. Only, since this is the, approximately, two feet of water they’re jumping into below, I think I’d be praying for something else!  

                                                                            Droid Daily 092

Another time Joey and I were out here alone with only another person or two within sight, just floating in the water and then walking in the sand, when a man from Iowa walked up to us, completely puzzled, asking:

Why is there nobody out here?

We’re still trying to figure that out ourselves, but ……………we’re not complaining.


lisafer said...

Oh, I so love reading your posts! And really, really hoping we can make it to Hawaii while you guys are still there to show us around! :)

FuhKaui Family said...

Thanks, Lisa! :-) I'm loving yours, too! That would be beyond awesome if you guys came out here!

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