Sunday, April 18

Barking Sands A.K.A. Ma'kua

Makua 008 

Normally when we go to Barking Sands it’s to get thrashed around in the shorebreak, and spend the day soaking up some vitamin D. Going near the rocks and the reef is something we normally like to avoid during those activities, but since the gates to the beach are locked during the week we decided to park on the south end of the beach, forcing us on the rocks. I don’t know how we’ve missed this spot before, but as soon as we came down from the rocks we saw this cute little cove.

Makua 009

But until you we got right up on it, we had no idea know how amazing this cute cove really was.

Makua 013 Makua 014

At first it appeared just like the normal reef along the westside, but it had these wonderful little deep pools in them that were the perfect size for our kids…AND no noticeable spiky urchin.*Makua 026

Makua 020 Makua 028

The view of Makua Valley from them wasn’t bad either. Now I think I know what all the SAVE MAKUA bumper stickers are all about. And if THIS isn’t IT, it should be.

For the record, this probably isn’t the safest place to be playing, either. Every once in a while a really big wave would come in and the first instinct is to get out fast and run, only it’s faster than us. Jewel would try to get out and that would just cause the wave to rush over her harder, pinning her to the side of the pool, scratching her leg, but eventually she figured out how to ride out the big sets.

Makua 037

Where’d she go? 

Makua 038 Makua 039 Makua 040

There she is!

Makua 043

I now know why we’ve never seen this spot before………..because there is usually someone in it, and out here it’s just plain rude to crash a spot like that when another family is enjoying it. I almost feel guilty even blogging about this spot………it’s that  special.               


These next two pictures were taken with my Moto Droid phone and had to be included because they’re two of my favorite pictures from that day.

Makua Droid (5)

 Makua Droid (6)

I don’t know how long this current adventure is going to last, but I am definitely not ready for it to end yet.


* My toe………. had NO PROBLEM finding the spiky urchinMakua 035


debs said...

Oh Vicki! Those photos are just wonderful! Can you imagine how jealous I am right now? (see my Old Man Winter post and you will know!) I love the little cove and bathtub area, you have found a real treasure! The kids look like they are having so much fun!

Vicki said...

Thanks Deb! I've been following your freezing beach adventures.....but, hey! At least you guys are getting out & enjoying it!! The cold renders my boys useless.

That Crazy Family said...

Beautiful photo's!! Very inspiring!

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