Wednesday, April 28

Yokohama Pool

The stretch of coastline from the center of Waianae to the north end of Kaena Point is about ten miles, and Joey and I usually take a cruise up this stretch almost daily, just to enjoy the views, the weather, the waves, and maybe get inspired for the day. Often we go alone, but lately Jewel has been going with us more, and when she does, she always wants to take a dip in the pool. The pool is a large tidepool at the end of the sandy beach before it turns completely to lava rock.

The pool is in the center of this picture, and has a man and two small children in it.

Kaena Beach 012

The reef breaks the waves from crashing in, so instead they gently roll over the rocks and make small waterfalls into the pool.The best part of this pool is the safety from the waves but also the abundant amounts of fish & sea life, and lack of spiky urchin. Here’s Jewel swimming in the pool on a big wave day:

Kaena Beach 014 

And here’s Jewel in the pool on a small wave day:

Yokes 1 (1)

And here’s Jewel as a baby on our first ever trip to Hawaii, and her first taste of sea water:


Some things we just never outgrow.

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