Saturday, April 24

The Black Pearl

My friend, Kimberly, wrote me on Facebook saying she heard the pirate ship from the Pirates of Caribbean, The Black pearl, was here in Oahu. I quickly wrote her back and told her …No ma’am .since I saw on TV that itBlack Pearl (1)

was at Disney Island. A couple weeks later and we were around friends that seem to know everything happening on the island so I asked them, just for the heck of it, if The Black Pearl was indeed on this island, and not only did they know it was on this island, they knew it was in Kalaeloa. That is the closest and absolute best place for us, for it to be. It’s just at the bottom of the Westside, so nowhere near Honolulu.I read a blog on that described where it was so Jake, Jewel and I headed off to see if it’s still there and if we can get pictures of it. I followed the GPS coordinates from that blog post and the navigation got me into a construction site cul-de-sac …….and this was all we got to see. I said…. oh well guys, this is it. sorry.

Then Jake took control of the GPS and he found another road on the other side of the ship. After my failed attempt to get us around, I finally listened to Jake’s directions and he led us straight to it. I love a smart kid.


Black Pearl (6)

The pirate ship is on dry dock getting a makeover for filming of the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie this summer. From the looks of it they’re building a whole new rear on it.

Black Pearl (8)

Black Pearl (5) 

After taking a few minutes to get our shots, and ooh and ahh over the size of the beast, we decided to check out the harbor a bit. It’s really industrial-ly but I saw beach beyond all the concrete and steel, and wanted a closer look. Black Pearl (19)Jewel caught me in action!

Black Pearl 030

It wasn’t until I got home that I thought I probably could have walked down this beach a ways and have a whole new view of the pirate ship. I’ll definitely have to do that next time as I plan on coming back often to see the changes.

Black Pearl (24)


Black Pearl (35)

Jewel has been picking her camera up more and more lately and naturally, I couldn’t be more thrilled. I’m going to help her learn to post her pictures to facebook so she can share them with her friends and family. This is one of her pictures from today, completely unedited……… inside the harbor, where even the ugliest steel tankers look gorgeous in this water.

Black Pearl 035

It was a fun day, even when Joey and Jonas didn’t go with us, saying they could just see the pictures when we got home. Normally, I may not have gone either, but I didn’t let that hold me back today and I’m a little proud of myself for that.

For full set of photos, including updated transformation pics check out my Flickr page here.


Heather's Moving Castle said...

Beautiful photos and very cool to see the Black Pearl. Glad you all are well!

lisafer said...

How cool! Gorgeous pictures, and a gorgeous daughter! :)

Hilary said...

Very neat! Nathan is great with navigation, too. Maybe it's an oldest kid kinda thing.

Anonymous said...

Great photography. Just sickens me that they've defaced this ship & painted it red, tho. Sad times...she should never be any color other than black.

Jeroen said...

Hi Vicki,

I'm glad to hear that you were able to find the ship, it is indeed a bit tucked away from the public roads (we were driving around a couple of times at first, and almost went home since we couldn't find it, glad we didn't ;) ).


Capn Jack Savvy said...

She is no longer The Black Pearl mates! She is becoming The Wicked Wench. Before ole Capn Jack was condemned to the depths of ole Davy Jones' Locker he was onboard The Wicked Wench which was a slave trader. He didn't want to participate in slave trading so Lord Cutler Beckett had him condemned to Davy Jones Locker for all eternity. When Captain Jack returned he returned on on The Wicked Wench but the same ship which was now called The Black Pearl! You are watching her transformation back into The Wicked Wench!!

The Valentine's said...

So cool! Go Jake for taking over navigation; I'd be lost w/o the GPS - and my kids, LOL!

Mornington said...

Great pictures of black pearl! And Jewel is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing your fun that day. Mount Eliza

Vicki said...

Thanks! and for those interested, I have new updated pics up on Flickr!

Anonymous said...

I really like and appreciate your blog post. Cool.

Anonymous said...

I really like and appreciate your blog post. Cool.

Anonymous said...

Good! Wish everybody wrote so:D

Vicki said...

Thank you :-) I really appreciate that

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