Tuesday, March 30

Ko Olina Lagoons

ko-olina-resort-oahu-hawaii We are firm believers in Nature Has The Greatest Playgrounds but we have to give it to the Ko Olina Resort for creating a fantastic playground of it’s own. The resort is the last big resort before the Waianae Coast officially begins, and is almost an entire city all it’s own. It has a harbor with yacht club, townhouses, golf courses and  highrise resort suites. It’s best feature though are the four lagoons they built along the coast by breaking away some of the volcanic rock walls. (stock photo)

We tried to go to the lagoons last month but were turned around at the gate because the parking lots were full, and then tried again the other day just to to make it past the gate but unable to find a parking spot. Luckily we did manage to sneak in sometime between those two.


Lagoon 4 is the farthest one south, and is one of the smaller ones, but has the biggest parking lot and a large grassy area to go with a largish beach. Jonas, Jewel and I really enjoyed the snorkeling here, even with the strong currents. I think I was most surprised because I don’t remember enjoying the snorkeling here before, but then again I was mostly busy keeping an eye on little miss Jewel.

Jewel in Hawaii

She loves the lagoons now and always wants to go back to them, but back when she was three she could have cared less. What she did like was the grass so she didn’t even have to step foot on the sand.


While I liked the snorkeling at Lagoon 4 I didn’t really like the sand. It was course and full of broken shells, so we decided to check out another lagoon, and found parking at Lagoon 2. Ahhhhh! This was more like it, soft sand, thatched beach umbrellas and plenty of space to spread our schtuff.


The snorkeling here wasn’t as good since the currents were even stronger, but also there was less reef. The rocks were just screaming to be climbed though, and the kids were happy to oblige.


There may have been a Keep Off Rocks Sign, but I can’t swear to actually seeing it.

Ko Olina 037

Ko Olina is definitely a great place to just relax and hang with the kids.Ko Olina 050

Including the one that’s too cool for lazy lagoons.

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debs said...

Wow! Your photos are just gorgeous. You all look so relaxed...life is a beach! We are trying to pretend we are on YOUR beach. Now if I could just get a tan with my coat, hat, gloves, snow boots and scarf!

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