Wednesday, March 10

Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave)

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Along Farrington Highway, the only road on the westside, is a very large hole in the mountain. We’ve gone in this cave several times, but never knew what it is, or was. This simple, yet pretty, stone marker sits in a dirt parking lot overlooking Barking Sands beach, across from the cave entrance, but there’s nothing informing visitors about the cave.

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Turns out this hole was once a giant lava tube that eventually eroded into the sea, leaving behind a hundred foot high, four hundred and fifty foot deep cave.

Hawaiian legend has it that  mankind was born here, “emerging from the womb of the earth goddess. They called the cave Kaneana, after the god of creation, Kane.”

This is a sacred place, man.

The legend goes on to say that Shark-man Nanaue, aka Kaneana, reigned from this cave.

“Born from a Shark father and a human mother, it was only when Nanaue first experienced the taste of meat that his carnivorous heritage led to incontrollable bloodlust. He would assume human form to trick his prey, then drag them back to the cave for dinner. Fortunately, he was eventually chopped up by the Hawaiian people. The cave was also home to both a powerful shark goddess and Madame Pele……..the cave has been the site of magic, ritual and religious ceremonies.”

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“At the back of the cave there is a slimy stone where the shark man was said to leave his victims until he was ready to eat them.”

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I’m kinda glad I didn’t know all this history before we’d ever been in. Kinda creepy. I’m still surprised, though, there’s no mention of this anywhere, but I’m guessing Joey’s always had a sixth sense about this cave because he never goes all the way in and this last time….. stood guard at the entrance.


BONUS TRIVIA! “The Sounding or Barking Sands near the cave make an otherworldly humming sound.”

I did the math and determined we’ve been correct in calling Barking Sands beach that, and I even got to learn why. How’s that for learning something without even trying??


lisafer said...

How cool is that?? I'm loving reading all about your adventures. I haven't spent any decent amount of time on Oahu since I was 17. I was born at Tripler - is it still pink??? :)

Cam said...

This is so awesome!!

I'm Cam, an unschooling mama, and I just recently started making my way around other unschooling blogs. I don't know how I wound up here, but I am so thankful that I did!

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures! Mahalo!

Anonymous said...

Love reading your blog and living vicariously through you! Just moved to France and started homeschooling, so hoping to be travelling more as well.

Anonymous said...

I must digg your post therefore more people are able to look at it, really helpful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Norman

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