Tuesday, March 9

Vintage Barking Sands

I had to do it. I found a few old pictures from Barking Sands beach and I just had to do it.April in park & beach 005

Notice Jewel’s hands? She must have gotten sand on them..oh no!

Jacob snorkeling

Jonas snorkeled for the first time using a boogie board with a specially made snorkeling cut out.Joey & Jewel in shades

Notice the practically empty beach? I wonder what Jonas is pondering?

Jonas sitting on rock

He’s probably wondering how I screwed up the sunscreen that day!

Jonas sunburned face

Even his eyeballs looked sunburned.

Maybe that explains why he took his skincare into his own hands!


vicki said...

testing Name[URL comment option

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're keeping your blog going. The best part of the journey is the reminiscing! Great! Mom

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