Friday, March 12


  Walking up our outside stairwell in the evenings all we have to do is look towards our porch door lights to see handfuls of these, creepy, almost see-thru lizards. When they’re climbing the off white walls, they are off white, but in Jewel’s hand they start to get some color in them. The first time I saw a five inch lizard run across the floor I immediately thought it was a mouse, but just shrugged my shoulders as soon as I realized it was just a lizard. Why mice are worse, I don’t know…but I don’t mind living with these creatures. 

lizard p&s 006

Jewel hunts for them. She often finds babies along the edge of the carpet and I’ve even found one on the kitchen counter.

lizard & Heiau 022lizard & Heiau 025

The best place so far was the one that was hanging in Jewel’s hair, and would not let go. 

lizard 2 (10)

This is what they mean when they say he’s hanging on by the skin of his teeth.


windingcirclelifeschool said...

So cute!I think mice a worse cause we associate them with carrying lizards carry disease?Still they are sweet little lizards!

Anonymous said...

That's a Hawaiian gecko -- so auspicious!

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Love the pics!

I gave you an award- go pick it up on my blog:

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