Monday, March 8

Makaha Beach

Not only is Makaha Beach just down the street from us, it offers beachside, street parking.

Makaha Beach 117

That’s not just good because A) parking so close we don’t have to haul our beach chairs and cooler all over the place, but B) we get to keep an eye on who might be trying to break into it. They warn you not to leave valuables in your car in Hawaii, and there is good reason for that. We haven’t been robbed yet yourselves, but know plenty of people that have.

The left side of the beach I like to call couples tourist haole white family beach, with it’s large sandy beach and calm water. The right side is definitely the locals and surfing side of the beach. This side has large sets of waves that almost always have someone surfing them, and sometimes the waves wash away some of the sand exposing big black boulders and comes up almost all the way to the road. May surf competitions are held right here in famous Makaha Beach, and one weekend we had the pleasure of watching one…from the correct side, of course. We’ve also seen, twice in fact, a movie being filmed down here: Heart of a Soul Surfer - The Bethany Hamilton Movie, about the young, almost pro, surfer girl that got attacked by a shark and lost her arm. Pretty happening little beach, it is.

Makaha Beach 071  Makaha Beach 073

Usually we’re alone but occasionally some friends will join us, and one such friend brought a hula hoop.

Makaha Beach 172

Look at the Camera, Jewel!

Makaha Beach 177 Makaha Beach 174

Oops! Sorry, Jewel. I know, my camera messed you up. But thanks for still smiling!

slr 242

The North Shore may have Sunset Beach, but the sunsets on Makaha beach are just as beautiful, in my opinion. On a cloudless night if you watch close enough you can see a green “burst” of light just as the sun sets below the ocean. Just another pretty cool thing about living in Hawaii.

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