Tuesday, March 9

Vintage Makaha

Seeing that old picture of the kids on the beach got me to reminiscing. Reminiscing got me to shuffle through old CD-R’s. Shuffling through old CD-R’s got me to reminiscing some more.

boys playing frisbee Jonas hitting pinata

We had friends that lived in a house right on Makaha Beach where the boys once threw a Frisbee and hit their very first piñata. The boys also tried out their first surfboard on Makaha Beach….unconventionally, of course.

 Jonas sand surfing

 footprints in the sand

Jacob was about five here, back when he used to let me give him bowl cuts.

Hang Loose boys

This was one of our favorite Christmas’s. We had just gotten to the island and didn’t have a lot of money so we took the gift money my mom sent us and we decked the kids out in all the must have beach gear we could imagine. We put the presents under our wooden palm tree and were on the beach by ten in the morning.  I stayed on the beach with the kids while Joey and his friend walked into the deep blue for some scuba diving. Makaha Beach has such good surfing because there is a large underwater “wall” out there. The water forces up against it and since it can’t keep going towards shore it forces all the water up, created the large waves. This wall is a popular diving spot usually reached by boat, but the strong (and thrifty) can swim out to it.

  Joey & Fish going out to diveOne of my best days was when we were at our friend’s house on the beach and we spotted a large pod of dolphins. We always carried our snorkeling gear in the beach cruiser and since we had plenty of adult friends around, Joey and I were able to leave the kids and swim out to the dolphins. We swam and swam, even when the other two guys that swam out with us gave up, we swam some more. And just when we gave up on finding them, there they all were…dozens of them…..circling around us! They would never come close enough for us to touch them, they just kept circling around us. It was AMAZING! Then just as fast as they appeared, they were gone.

Jewel @ Makaha beach

Jewel spent her entire time during this stay (five months)….not touching the sand with her hands. She hated the sand. Despised the sand. She wouldn’t go anywhere near the water either. Boy has she changed……..

**All these photos were taken between Dec ‘02 & Apr ‘03 on an old Sony Mavica CD, my very first digital camera that was maybe 4 MP, but I only saved the pictures e-mail size. Yes, I am still kicking myself.**

****I had so much fun going down memory lane! expect more of it!****

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