Sunday, August 13

Math, art and an unschooler

This is how the kids have been sleeping
sleeping kids
Every morning they say they slept great. Then I caught Jewel right before she fell off
So today we tore down my closet (sob) and built temporary bunks for the boys

We built these without having to leave the property or, my favorite, spend a dime.

After the boys had them all set up to their liking Jonas figured out he was going to have to sleep sitting up because of all the pillows and sleeping animals. Jacob said Jonas focused too much on design and not enough on usability. He said he "figured 65% design into his bed and 35% on sleeping ability and Jonas figured 99% design and only 1% on sleeping ability".

Joey and I just looked at each other and smiled.


Heather said...

That's so funny!! Thanks for sharing it and the pics! We're really going to miss you but are so happy for you!!

The Free Range Family said...

They don't know about Neopet cards? Salem has a ton, I'll get her to bring them to the conference.

I'm hoping that since you're headed to West Texas that Joey will be at the conference??? K is dying to talk to him.

See ya soon!

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