Sunday, August 13

These are a few of my favorite things

That I'll miss like crazy when I'm gone:

Jumping on the trampoline to firefly twinkles
Long baths
Jewel crashing in on my baths
Mowing the lawn on the rider
Mowing in my underwear
Watching the corn grow
Softened well water
Walking the lane with Joey
Watching the wild rabbits play
Late night porch chats


The Free Range Family said...


You can come mow my lawn anytime.

If it's in your underwear, all the better. I'm sure all the boys in this house would greatly appreciate it.

Besides, I've met you. You're hot.



Heather said...

Peg, I've been to their farmette. On behalf of Vicki, I can say, it is in the boonies...Otherwise, I know she wouldn't have been in her undies. :) Even if she is hot. lol. I can't believe you'd miss mowing the lawn?? I had to mow yesterday. I won't miss it!

Vicki, I thought your list was sweet though! I'm glad you didn't make a list of things you won't miss. But in the future I'd love to see a list of things you love about your bus or being on the road w/ your family.

~Heather Brown

tribalmama said...

Thanks so much for this beautiful list of things you'll miss! We are so excited about hitting the road, but I know I'll miss many things about our stationary lifestyle, as well. Your list, in some small way, gives me permission to feel both emotions!

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