Wednesday, August 23

We actually left Iowa

I know I said we were gonna do it, and we have now officially done it. We left only a week ago and already feel the freedom. While we've been on the road a long time now, having a house the last few years had taken away that sense of freedom for us. It's a great feeling knowing *this is it now*, no more worries about things back home.

We were originally going to NE so my Mom shipped Jonas's birthday present there. First stop: Nebraska. The package was a huge hit! My mom never leaves anyone out so each kid is just as excited as the kid whose birthday it is. They're not big gifts, dollar store stuff, but our kids treat them like treasures. They each got their own roll of bubble tape, confirming the fact that I'm not as cool because I make them share one. With the gift card Mom sent, Jonas got his RoboRaptor he's been after and then some more gifts for Jake and Jewel.

We headed South after getting our mail and saw pretty much nothing but this for miles and miles. I was hoping to come across the sunflower fields but they must have been harvested already, too bad. We then spent the night in Holdredge, NE at a 5$ a night city campground (it used to be free). From camp we walked across the tracks to check out the train station.

During our walk we must have come across 50 toads, and Jonas and Jewel had to stalk them all. They played way into the night with these toads. The kids made up a game of *let's see whose toad can play dead the longest*. Luckily no toads were harmed during the making of A Good Night in Nebraska.


Snavleys said...

Sigh, I am a little envious. I loved our life on the road! Unfortunately not everyone in the family feels the same way so we have to come to a middle ground. The simplicity is so wonderful isn't it? Have a wonderful adventure!

Heather said...

We miss you all! Chris (Zomozo) told us you said HI! It's great to see your adventures and know all is well.

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