Thursday, November 23

Breaking and Entering 101

We had a knock on the door yesterday from the neighbor, and friend, requesting the help of one of the little ones. Jake come back moments later, super excited. He got to shimmy through an outside storage unit, emerging in the inside of the trailer, from underneath the couch. He said he struggled a second trying to unlock the front door for Mr. LockedOuttaMyTrailer, but in the end had a very successful first mission. Too cool for a nine year old. Jonas can't wait for his first break in.

No vegetables here. We raise convicts.


Heather said...

It's fun to be able to help! And being locked out is no fun. That's great that Jake was able to help your neighbor.

Moss and Pixie said...

Hi there !
My husband and I are life long nomads. For the past several years we have been traveling the country in a veggie oil fueled, solar powered house bus, that we converted. Now we find that we will be having a child in June, and I was hoping to ask you some questions via email.

Our blog is,

If you dont mind us asking a few questions about bus life with kids, then please email us so we can chat !
Much Love ~ Pixie

Ave said...

OMG! Too funny! You guys have my dream life. We are unschoolers too!

Yesterday my son and his homeschool friend helped me break back into my own home after they locked us out.

tribalmama said...

So, what else have you all been up to? Just curious...

Heather said...

Feeling the pain of winter yet? The wind is really howling here! By the way what state is the job site at? Cliff told me today he is not in SD. lol. He's not here for me to ask and I keep forgetting to ask him when he is here.

Vicki said...

They're in NE

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