Wednesday, November 8

New Castle, NE

We made the move to New Castle, and I'm adjusting to it pretty easily, even without phone or Internet. I have found a good use for those old public schools wi-fi. I've been sitting here for almost two hrs now tryng to download a video from the conference and photos from family. Everything is now downloaded, but nothing will open. Oh whoa is me.

It took me over an hour to find a town with laundry, you'd think a town like this would have one wynot Within seconds I had to give them a reason. I finally found a town with laundry, in South Dakota.

Jonas seems to be going a little stir crazy
crazy jonas

We spent halloween in Iowa at my cousin's place, where we trick or treated at a nursing home. That was our first time doing that and it was a really good experience. The boys were right there getting their candy, staying warm inside while Jewel was a little shy and stayed real close to me. There was also a really cool bird aviary inside the home. here's the kids with their cousins:
halloween 012 Geneva and Jewel helped us make caramel apples, Geneva's didn't stand a chance halloween 008

My parents have finally found a house!! They sold their home in California a couple months ago and have been searching for a new one near my brother in Fort Worth. They found what sounds, perfect. The only stipulation we had was that there was somewhere for us to park, if they wanted us to visit for more than a night. They ended up getting two acres with a 1500 sq. ft. RV garage....and there's even a gutted bus which they're trying to negotiate into the deal. Not sure how much longer we're going to last up here, let's see....what day do we sign?


Zamozo said...

It's always so good to "hear" from you when you find some wi-fi! Love the pics, especially Jonas! Take care, be well, stay warm!

Heather said...

You must be in the boonies? I'm surprised you all are still up here! That's cool your parents found a place. Maybe we will be able to meet up there in the future on our way to Houston. :~)

That photo of Jonas is classic! All the kids look so cute for Halloween. I'm glad you all found a warm place to trick or treat.

Twinville said...

HI Vicki,
I've been trying to respond to your e-mail but your e-mail keeps getting returned to me. I do ahve some pretty good pics of your kids and mine together at Explora while you were here in New Mexico. I'd be glad to send them to you. Write me at: Twinville2@ (no spaces)

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