Tuesday, October 24

Lots of nothing

I was informed yesterday that they were shutting the water off, I had a few minutes to fill my tanks and then after that the only way we could get water was to drive to one of a couple faucets they were leaving on. That's crap! We moved to this spot so we'd have full hookups, and I've already paid for the week. They then said they'll give me some money back so we'll stay the rest of the week. Ugh!Also after this week I won't have Internet. That pushed me to update my blog (check out my favorite unschoolers blogs), and put the boys' four wheeler on the great big bidding site. All I ever need is just a little push.

We made another quick trip to Iowa, Fort Dodge this time and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing. Yesterday a friend from Fonda came out to visit, bringing three of her four kids which thoroughly harassed the poor hamster. He only managed to get one bite in. Better luck next time.

After spending hours trying to get the new PCI card for the desktop to work I've finally decided to throw it away and get a new one, the wifi card, not PC (although I would love to trade it for another laptop).

The microwave also took a dump today.

On the bright side, my new realtor likes my house and says it's "so cute" and very clean. I heart her. My last realtor did nothing but give me grief and tell me how it wasn't good enough.

I've decided to get rid of my Excursion. As much as I love this truck, I've fallen in love with another. I'll know tomorrow if we have a deal to trade it off for two new (to us) vehicles, a truck for Joey and a car for me. I know I was the one that said we only need one vehicle and I was the one that sold Joey's Jeep before we left, but really....What was I thinking?

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Anonymous said...

I'll miss reading your blog when you have no internet and posts on the UFOTR list! I'll go thru Vicki withdrawals.

Hopefully you'll get a car soon. Then you can do some fun things with the kids now and again and run some errands during the day.

I hope your house sells soon for you!!

~Heather :~)

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