Tuesday, October 17

Going home & staying home

License Plate
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We made a quick trip to Iowa to pick up our personalized plates that came in. We are now officially an Unskool Bus! The kids stayed at the farm and played with their cousins while Joey and I ran a bunch of errands. I got to see Mel and then we ended the day with a nice visit with Rob, Angie and the kids. It was good to see them, it had been a long time. They built a little barn in their backyard for Angie's "half pint goats" and the windows for her barn are old barn wndows that I used to use for picture frames. It was neat to see how they were recycled back to what they were intended for.

It's pretty cold these days so no one wants to go outside and play. Luckily for us the bus offers new creative ways for us to enjoy our days.
A little window art: Window art
Self expression:Fairy Jewel
Homemade bumper sticker: homemade bumper sticker


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I love the new license plate too! :)

Hilary said...

Very cool plates. :)

Nice to hear you're in the area for awhile.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous comment was from me. :)

Hopefully I'll get up that way with the kids again before you all head south. Cliff is still excited about his newest job!! He left tonight with all his stuff. :~)

Have an awesome week!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki,

I was thinking of you, so I caught up on your blog -- sounds like
you've been having fabulous adventures! I watched your Sept. 2006
video and *loved* it -- cool shots, poignant music, just loved it.
How did the Families on the Road funshop go? I'd love to hear more
about the conference in general ...

We are meeting some other unschoolers in the area, so that's cool. Do
your kids have the new Pokemon Rescue Team games for the GBA. We've
been loving that!

Well, see if you can steer the bus over this way, sometime -- we'd
love to see you all again!

Miss you,

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