Monday, October 16

S Sioux City, NE

We moved campsites over the weekend and now along with full hook ups we scored a wi-fi signal. Yah me! My view here isn't as nice as it was along the river nebraska but I'm not complaining.

Since I last blogged we've had a couple visitors. First my cousin Amy and family that moved into our old farm house. There's nothing quite like "cousining".
cousins Hopefully we'll be trick or treating with them in a couple weeks.

Heather and family came out next. Up until they came out it had been beautiful weather but of course when we have fun plans to hang outside it's freezing cold. The kids didn't mind too much once Heather broke out the smores! After the fire died the kids tried reviving it with a bike pump. nebraska It worked for a while. :)

The cold temps broke for a day so the kids and I went on a bike Iowa.
nebraskanebraskaback to Nebraska now nebraska Come on Jonas, don't give up yet!


Anonymous said...

Love the new pics. Its been awhile since hearing from you. We had a great time visiting. The kids still want to know why we can't live on a bus too. Hope to see you soon.


Brown Family said...

Cute cousin pic!! Love the use of the air pump photo! LOL. Glad we got to hang out a bit and see the bus! Our butts are really moving now to get on the road too. Glad you're still having fun!!! Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

So good to see pics and know what you're up to. Wish we could come to visit too but things are busy and even hectic here lately. Maybe I can talk Rick into a roadtrip when his work settles down. Keep checking in and posting! We miss you!!

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