Tuesday, October 17

Unschooling through Life

Last night I wanted to get to bed a little earlier than usual so I asked the kids to find something quiet to do so we could rest, since they weren't ready for bed yet. Jewel (5) decides to draw. Great, see ya later. Minutes later....How do you spell Tinker? T, she runs away to write it down, then comes back. I, run and write. N...shaking the bus as she runs. K...skipping away. E...and so on. This went on for two hours, and although I'd like to rest I couldn't deny her her desire to learn. A friend once asked me "How will they learn to write if they're unschooled?"....... "How can I keep them from it??" is a better question. All three of the kids have learned/are learning to read and write with never having a lesson, and more importantly...enjoying every second of it.

Speaking of Tinker, she hasn't returned. The minute we pulled into this campground someone accidently let her out, which was OK, but then Joey started the bus back up to level it out and the loud thunder of the engine scared her so much she took off running. She ran a couple hundred yards away under someone else's truck for safety. (I was up at the Office when all of this happened). At one point Jake got her and tried bringing her back but she was still so scared of the bus and lack of hiding spaces that she jumped out of his arms and ran again. I decided to let her chill a bit and I'd get her once all the commotion died down. The truck she was hiding under took off before I could get her and now we haven't seen her since. The other morning someone knocked on the door asking if we'd found her yet, and if not, she thinks she's found her. I took off running in my jammies, but it wasn't her. :( We're all still really sad and Jake, Jewel and I get pretty emotional at times, but we have come to accept the fact that we will never see her again. She was such a cool cat, a perfect fit for our family, and will forever be ours, with us or not.


Anonymous said...

Poor Tinks! I keep wondering if she'll come back. I worry about my pets when we get on the road. They love to run.

Cool story about Jewel though!!

Hilary said...

It must be very hard to travel a long time with a pet. I'm sorry she's lost. Hope she turns up before you head out.

Anonymous said...

Simon got a kitten a few months back. Whenever she doesn't come for a little bit when called either David or I check the road. It is so horribly morbid and sad and realistic. Usually she's asleep under a bed.

Oh, it must just hit you in the gut though. I hate losing a pet.

Ren said...

"All three of the kids have learned/are learning to read and write with never having a lesson, and more importantly...enjoying every second of it."

I can SO relate to your tired-mommy-spelling-words story!! I swear that's exactly how Jared learned to spell.
I was laying on my bed exhausted one night while he set up his myspace account.
"Mom, how do you spell _______" as I'm starting to doze off.
This went on for a couple of hours, but he seems to handle most spelling on his own suddenly. It was a great way to spend sleepy moments.:)

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