Saturday, November 18

we're leaving...we're not leaving

After some really cold days we decided it was time to head South. We took a few days and then started hunting down a tow bar for the Land Rover (which I traded the Excursion know, to have a tow car) Turns out my cute little Rover is a heavy beast, we couldn't even rent a tow dolly for it. After an exhaustive search for a towbar, lack of exciting jobs elsewhere and this cold front leaving we decided the best choice is to just stay put. (A week off didn't hurt either) If we can get a nice long stretch in here we should be set for a good six months off this Spring and Summer. So, we are true trailer trash now with our beautiful wood skirt under the bus. I haven't decided if we're going to paint it to match the bus or do some crazy graffiti on it to really freak out this tiny little Nebraska town.

Since we've made the commitment to stay here I finally decided to make nice with the fifth wheel behind us and installed my router in her trailer, enabling us to pick up her DSL line. With a great wi-fi signal I also downloaded and installed Skype so I now also have a telephone number so we can be reached at home and not have to drive three miles to make a call.

Now I can get all caught up with blogs, emails and comments I've been wanting to read/respond to. It feels good to be back.

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Heather said...

I can't believe you're still up here. But I can understand why you're still here. Even Cliff is not crazy enough to turn down the money he is making.

Don't I look funny in the jump shot photo? It was impossible to jump with Camden next to me. I was afraid I'd land on him or fall on my butt. lol.

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