Thursday, February 1

Six wierd things

I get it, I MUST play along. I really have more interesting tales to tell but until I confess six wierd things about me, I just can't move on. So here goes:

ONE: I have Bells Palsy. It's a wierd disease that paralyzed half my face completely for six full months. It's gradually come back to about 40% functional but I still feel like a wierd freak that evidently enjoys sideways smiles and droopy eyes.

TWO: My hair is now the color of a red pepper.

THREE: I'd rather live in 200 sf. of space than 2000. Some say living in a bus is wierd. Whatever.

FOUR: I have more cyber friends than real life friends.

FIVE: Those little voices in my head that nevershutup...NEVER.SHUT.UP.

SIX: I'm perfectly normal, everyone else is wierd.

Now let's see if I can broaden our inbred (according to Danielle) unschooled world. I'm tagging Hilary, Andrea (who's not technically an unschooler but did take herself out of school at 15 and entered college at 16), Harli (who dreams of officially being unschooled), Tami (who should be an unschooler), Amy (who almost gets it), and Dee (just because she's my BFF).


Heather said...

Hey, I want to hear the more interesting tales. Not that your list wasn't interesting!! But I'm living vicarously thru you, ya know! :~)

I honestly never noticed the Bells Palsy until you told me in an email. I wasn't even sure if you were serious. You are beautiful no matter what.

Zamozo said...

WOw! You're weirder than I thought!
;-P (just kidding!) I second Heather's assertion - you are a beautiful woman!

Anonymous said...

My dad had Bells Palsy, but eventually had a full recovery. Occasionally if he is really tired the affected side gets a little "lazy"...Hope yours continues to get better.

Vicki said...

I dn't mention that I've had it for over 5 yrs now! I don't hold out much hope of ever having a full smile again...but thanks for the nice words!! :)

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