Tuesday, February 13

Still alive

White Sands NM
Originally uploaded by jakesmome.
We had a great time in Arizona. We reconnected with family, gained back those few pounds we'd lost, and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We retold many stories, ate too many BBQ's and shared much music and laughter with Jim's family, and more importantly developed a much closer bond. It was hard to leave, we want to all live together forever but it was time for us to allow them to have some sort of a normal life.

AZ taught me we may be a bad influence on your schooled children, but according to our host, we're great for the libido.

Now I know you want us to come park in your front yard.


Dorothy said...

Glad you had some nice weather. Here in Michigan the wind chill is -25

Snavleys said...

Oooohhh, now I am REALLY envious!! White Sands is my MOST FAVORITE place I have ever been!!!!

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