Saturday, March 10

Joey's Office

Joey's Office
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I'm a lucky girl, I get to see Joey in action. I hear work stories, he tries to describe the types of things he builds, and I've even been to some of the plants and seen the enormous pipes, catwalks, and structures he builds, but there's nothing quite like seeing my man in action. The strength, form, sweat....oh, and seeing the quality of his work.

We're still in Texas, taking as much advantage of the weather and time as we possibly can. We've been waiting out the winter before we head to our next job in Colorado, and it seems the time has come. That means us professional procrastinators have finally stopped sleeping in 'til noon and imitating sloths, and finally gotten around to doing all those things we said we were going to do when we came back here. Joey's got his truck completely tooled out, built a new exhaust for the bus, built new shelves for our bedroom, and saved almost $900 by building his own brackets to tow my car.

I've been eating.

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