Thursday, March 1

Reason #4

stuck in the mud
Originally uploaded by jakesmome.

We're not just limited to campgrounds anymore. Homeowners must also beware.

They learned the hard way, too.

To see the rest of the damage go here.


Heather said...

That would not be fun! At least you're not here and stuck in snow. Glad you were smart and went south! Our driveway is drifted in with snow and most highways are closed. Cliff couldn't work the past two days and is waiting to get home. Roads are trecherous...most schools and lots of businesses within a 300 mile radius of DM are closed today. Even the malls closed yesterday. But warmer weather is coming to us next week. Yippee!

Anonymous said...

oh that is too funny. first the excursion now the bus...where'd you all learn to drive? lol. well at least you are in warm weather and having fun. we miss you guys and the kids talk about their cousins all the time. miss ya.

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