Tuesday, March 13

We're leaving today. We should already be gone by now, but I am oddly the only one up yet. I can't believe that we're leaving now either, what with this beautiful weather, but I am very excited for the next adventure. The plan is to head West, and at Gallup, NM we'll start heading North and travel thru the reservations of Utah, coming up the west side of the Rockies. That stretch of Utah is my absolute favorite and we planned on really taking our time traveling through there but now it looks like we're gonna' have to scoot. Our plan is to be in Colorado in four days, it'll never happen. Those brown highway signs beckoning the traveler to discover history are usually too much for me to resist, and even Joey has succumbed to humoring me and stopping at anything that looks interesting. I used to have to beg, now I don't even have to grunt.

Even though we've been in DFW off and on the last three months, I really haven't seen much of the area. We went to Korea Town where I got the best freaking' BBQ rib eye sliced meat. It's so good we got 10 lbs of it, five so I can take with me. We also got to watch the big fish feeding at Cabela's. Man was that cool. Fort Worth also has the biggest, baddest Cabela's we've ever seen, complete with two huge aquariums and an actual real stuffed African Elephant. There was even a rifle shooting arcade thing upstairs where I smoked the little ones. I was doing better than Joey until he realized that and then had to uphold his expert rifleman status and blow me away. We also went to Joey's old hometown and met up with a friend of his, also fun bringing the past back to life.

We went up to Nebraska and Iowa and got the rest of his welding tools, my car, and our storage and brought it all down to my folks. Then we got Texas driver's licenses so we could officially become TX residents, and as previously posted, take advantage of tax and homeschool laws. We now have everything safely sitting in my parent's garage that we don't want to take with us, and everything that we do is now transportable. yay us!

I'll miss hanging with my mom and dad and brother's family, playing American Idol on Playstation, completely embarrassing myself, and being in awe of the rest of them. I was the only one that NEVER made it to Hollywood. Apparently I am as bad a singer as my Dad always said I was. I honestly have no clue how to get to a tune, let alone hold one. I'll miss shopping with my mom, and her doing my dishes and laundry. Ok, I won't miss her doing my laundry, but I am mailing the dishes home.

Happy travels everyone, see ya on the other side.

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