Saturday, July 19

Colorado summer

I would hate for anyone to think all we do is work, in fact, it's been two weeks since I took those last work photos, and since Joey has worked. Somehow he threw his back out, and was unable to work at all. Trying not to stress about it, we found plenty of ways to try and take our mind off of things....
Day Off
....and, of course, to rest Joey's back.

We'd row out to a small floating island in the middle of the lake.
canyon lake

Try to catch fish with our bare hands.

Hold down small children against their will
canyon lake

My walks around the lake have pretty much stopped, though.
Hike through the lake
Not because I have to walk through the lake in order to go around it, but because the mosquito's are too hungry in the morning, and it's too hot in the afternoon, and the mosquito's are too deadly in the evening. I try to make up for it by swimming, and I do put fins on and swim a lot, but mostly I just tan. I was instrumental in Jewel officially becoming a swimmer, though! I took off her life jacket and told her she could do it....and she did. The look on her face was priceless. She obviously thought she couldn't do it. We always said once all our kids could swim, our family options were limitless, so we're so ecstatic about this, to say the's got us thinking live aboard's again. And Hawaii. Not today, not tomorrow, but hopefully, soon.

We also drove to Green River, Utah last weekend to meet a blogger I'd been reading for three years. It was a spur of the moment thing, and a two hour drive away but everybody was willing to go, so we took a chance, and ended up having a great day. Emily's on a road trip after finally getting out of the Army, with two tours in Iraq and getting caught up in stop-loss. We wish her a lifetime full of crazy travel stories!

What else? Oh yeah, did I mention we hang out at the lake a lot?
Huh? You say something?

Jake kickin' it
The boy's favorite thing to do is put fins on and then race across the lake. The fins make them feel like rockets!

Eventually, though, even fish need a break.
Fish on Break


Karen said...

Happy Swimming, little swimmers, and Mama, too!

Jody said...

That looks divine! The water is so clear.

Hope Joey's back is better soon....Bill threw his out this weekend on the boat. Not bad, but just uncomfortable.

Jessica Stier said...

So nice and inspirational!! I hope Joey's back is feeling better.
Maybe I can wrangle my family up to the lake for an afternoon. That just looks so refreshing.

Vicki said...

Jessica, come on over! :)

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