Sunday, July 6

Sparking a living

Cutting the pipe.
Cutting pipe

Torching the pipe.

Grinding the pipe smooth.

Burn one by one.

Ready for delivery.
Finished platform project for drilling rig


Gypsy Root said...

Happy!!! so enjoying reading your blog. Just found it and I will be back!

Stephanie said...

Those are some great pictures! I love the way all those sparks look!

butterflygirl said...

Just found your blog the other day and have been reading all through it. I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but I am totally in love with your family :-) If I wasn't a single mom of 4 kiddos I would totally run away from home to come live with you guys! LOL I am in awe of how you guys are living!

Emily said...

Hey, gorgeous photos! I'm in Durango now, will probably be here for a couple days before heading to Moab, Utah. Drop me a line!

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